Perform perform perform

We live in a society where you are judged by what you wear, what car you drive and where you go on vacation. And at the same time, we live in a society in which a woman has to perform just as well as a man. Because otherwise she doesn’t have the slightest chance of … Mehr Perform perform perform


Vision Board

A vision board is a visualization of your desires, dreams, goals, projects or ideas about life. It is a tool to put your visions on paper with the help of images, illustrations or quotes to manifest them. In the end, it’s a collage, analog or digital, that contains all your wishful feelings. The goal is … Mehr Vision Board

The Revenge Dress

The Crown, Season 5: Charles comes to Diana’s house uninvited after the divorce, and she says that if she had known he was coming over, she would have worn a revenge dress. His response, „Haven’t you worn one every day since we separated?“ There’s always a bit of arrogance involved when the man thinks his … Mehr The Revenge Dress

If you knew that you had only one year to live: Would you continue to live your life the way you have? ✨ Would you still have the same job?✨ The same hobbies?✨ Would you surround yourself with the same people?✨ Would you travel more? Answering the question honestly requires some courage. After all, it … Mehr

From the scratch

The year is coming to an end, recaps everywhere, memories of the best moments, the most favorable pictures. But what if the greatest memories consist only of the negative experiences? What if these experiences were neither captured on picture nor even suitable for the public? As difficult as it may be to imagine, they were … Mehr From the scratch

About Food…

The hardest time of the year is just around the corner and temptations are lurking everywhere: Mulled wine, cookies, greasy food, the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. Add to that the cold, the body tries to replenish its fat reserves, we eat more. And not to forget the pre-Christmas stress, which increases cortisol levels and … Mehr About Food…

Only listen to people who are already where you want to be.

This sentence from a podcast recommended to me by a strong woman still resonates. How often do we let our environment slow us down, influence us negatively? How often does the idea we felt was the greatest just a moment ago meet with criticism? How often do we receive warnings because someone means well? Or … Mehr Only listen to people who are already where you want to be.

Pump it up!

Pump it up! A few facts first: In most heads the old wisdom has settled: If you want a dream figure, you can’t get around cardio training. This is not wrong, because with cardio you burn more calories than with classic strength training. And yet, cardio alone won’t give you the top figure you might … Mehr Pump it up!

Staying Family

Going through a separation is never easy. Not for the one who leaves, and certainly not for the one who stays. Saying goodbye to your ex-partner, turning your back and never looking back is a personal challenge. And yet, something new and unknown is waiting on the other side. First, one’s own self, which wants … Mehr Staying Family


Obviously I like quotes & sayings. I didn’t even know that a few months ago, before Instagram & Favorite saying: „if your girlfriend is gorgeous & loyal, why flirt with others? why cheat? it’s like throwing away a diamond and picking up a chicken nugget.“ (@womenforhappy). Wonderfully funny. But somehow also vapid. Superficial. Is … Mehr SOCIAL MEDIA

New Beginning

Why do some people manage to move on and even reinvent themselves after a breakup or the death of a partner, and others do not? Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual here, and the person who should bring it out someday deserves the Nobel Prize. But there are some things that each of us should try in order to help ourselves to a new self.  … Mehr New Beginning

Strong Women

How do you recognize a strong woman? How does a woman know if she is one? And what does it mean to be strong anyway? Is strength synonymous with professional and/or financial success? Or with toughness, discipline, stamina? Or is it physical, muscular strength? Or even our capacity for suffering that makes us strong? … Mehr Strong Women

True love

Do you remember that one moment? When you woke up in the morning, looked at the man next to you and felt nothing but bliss? The feeling of having arrived. Infinite love. That must have been a long time ago. Maybe several times the goddamn seven. A lot has changed since then. You had carried … Mehr True love