True love

Do you remember that one moment? When you woke up in the morning, looked at the man next to you and felt nothing but bliss? The feeling of having arrived. Infinite love.

That must have been a long time ago. Maybe several times the goddamn seven. A lot has changed since then. You had carried this man – felt – on hands. Until the first child came. And then the second. And maybe even the third or fourth. And they all had to be on the same arm, and the space became narrower and the man eventually fell off. There are quite a few men who are so involved that they go along with this process. That they get down on their own and offer their arms along with it. But there are also those who can’t take it. Who feel neglected, unloved and like a fifth wheel.

No, it’s not the children alone. And blaming them is one of the most stupid things you can do. In the end, it’s like everything: the sum. Misunderstandings. Lack of empathy for each other. Too high expectations. Too few moments together.

And it happens even when you still feel love for that person and the memory of that feeling in the morning from countless years ago. And the hope that it will be okay again. That you will find each other again, that it will be even better than before. After all, there is so much that connects you. So incredibly much. The children. Moves. Losses. Celebrations. Memories…

At some point, your partner decides it’s not enough. That it hasn’t been enough for him for some time. That he doesn’t share that hope. That it is easier to leave and finish with the relationship.

Hate, anger, tears, shouting – all this is exhausted at some point. A woman is left alone. With her children. And her dreams.

But they are not over. Continue to believe in true love. You were wrong, but you may have just lived the first third or half of your life. And learned an insane amount.

Take the couples around you as an example. Even if in your current situation you only perceive the divorced and separated. Perhaps the best role model is your parents or grandparents. Love that lasts from beginning to end and beyond. Real and true. Believe firmly that you too will experience it. Not today, not tomorrow. But one day. And he will not be the father of your children, but a man who loves you and who takes your children to his heart. Because they are wonderful. Just like you.


2 Gedanken zu “True love

  1. I’m in a relationship where he has no empathy. I made a mistake and complained about something which made him react angrily . Now I’m the bad person. I asked him to remove some boxes and it turned into him swiftly moving the boxes out the house angrily. He took them to his sister house. He then said everything is fine but his energy is off.

    What you said about not having moments together is true. We haven’t created a lot of memories. I feel like I’m constantly trying to make him happy. Thx for writing this blog post it has helped me today

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