Obviously I like quotes & sayings. I didn’t even know that a few months ago, before Instagram & Favorite saying: „if your girlfriend is gorgeous & loyal, why flirt with others? why cheat? it’s like throwing away a diamond and picking up a chicken nugget.“ (@womenforhappy). Wonderfully funny. But somehow also vapid. Superficial. Is that really true?

It’s the subjective truth. And it’s been deciphered and exposed by Meta algorithms to keep suggesting images, themes and texts that match my current phase of life (which, by the way, includes great outfits and even more great places). It’s scary at the same time and you feel like you’re in the right. Belonging. That might work for a breakup, pregnancy, or being a fan of a certain celebrity. But when algorithms don’t pay attention to mental health, but only to the fractions of a second more you stay on a post, the effects can become dramatic. For adults, and even more so for teenagers…

I’m still wondering, though, why wedding parties with thousands of guests were permanently showing up in my feed for the first few weeks. What did I do wrong there? 😂


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