Girls Connection

20 years ago, Tuesdays were sacred. At 8:15 p.m. in the evening, a group of three girls and their friends would gather on the couch in a 12-square-meter room, equipped with lots of prosecco and even more good humor. And then a world opened up to these young women, in which Carrie Bradshaw mused about sex and Meredith Grey pined after McDreamy. During each commercial break, the smoker faction would head to the 4-square-foot bathroom ( it had a window), followed by the non-smokers, who were much less strict then than they would be today, spread out over the washing machine, dresser, and the three standing areas, and things got even merrier until the commercial break was long over and they were still laughing together. The next morning, hungover, lecture at 8 am, memories…. 


They are girlfriends who have experienced the first love and the first heartbreak. And the second and the second. Who pulled all-nighters together, proofread each other’s theses, bleached highlights, went on vacation, held each other’s hair when needed, lay awake for hours and listened to everything you had to say. Girlfriends who have been with you for decades, who know all the ups and downs, the family, your own parents, who are always there when you need them. Friends with whom you have no contact for months and then talk for hours on the phone again and it is the most natural thing in the world. Friends who care about you, who want you to be well, who open their door when you want to get out of your home, and who drive hundreds of miles when you call them. 


You meet girlfriends in the sandbox, at school, in training or in your own family. Later at work, at the gym or at parents‘ evenings. You basically meet them throughout your life. Maybe it’s not the deep friendships that are tens of years old anymore. But they are the ones that fit the current phase of life. They enrich our lives. And show us that we are not alone, no matter what we are going through. Thank you for being there.


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