Life is a picnic

Recently I read the book „Thank You, Dear Universe“ by Anjana Gill. The principle is as follows: You make a wish, or rather you assume that something specific (and positive) will happen within a certain period of time, and you give thanks for it. It is quite likely that it will happen exactly like that. And if the universe doesn’t deliver in the scheduled time – well, you just extend the deadline a bit.

No, this is not meant to be a book review. The book is heartfelt, it reads easily, but the rational in me immediately started questioning. And the insights I gained for myself are more than worth this blog post.

(Former) pregnant women can certainly attest to this: as soon as you find out about your own pregnancy, there seems to be nothing but pregnant people around you. As if all couples had the same idea at the same time. It’s about the same with the wishes. The author lets the reader do a few trial runs: Sometimes you wish – just for fun – for a red balloon, sometimes for an elephant. What happens when the wish is spoken out loud or even written down (as she recommends)? Unconsciously you pay attention to when you meet the balloon or the elephant. It worked for me in both cases in just a few hours. Or: „I wish for a surprise. A positive surprise.“ My girlfriend spontaneously dropped by for tea a short time later. Would probably have been „just lovely“ otherwise, but now I was able to frame the meeting that way. And was very pleased.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty: What am I going to do with a balloon? And I really don’t need an elephant. How about success? And on this occasion, a dream man. By the way, you should express your wishes quite precisely, but not get too attached to details. And certainly don’t get too specific (i.e. „the dream man Stephen, who recently moved in across the street“). Reason: The universe knows best what’s good for you. In case of doubt it is not Stephen from 201 but Martin from 302. Soberly considered I would say that the chances become smaller the more concrete the idea. What happens to me now, once I have wished for a successful future and the man of my dreams? First and foremost, I go through life much more open. I see coincidences as signs, use all the chances available to me and… smile! Because the man of my dreams could come around the corner at any moment. I pay attention to my appearance and to the outside world. And lo and behold: There is flirting, there is eye contact, I am smiled at. This may have happened before, but I never noticed it.

And now another important detail: Wishes should always be positive. And be accompanied by positive thinking. By positive images. Like a princess, I paint my future and look forward to it. Positive thinking attracts positive things. Negative attracts the negative. This is not new, after all, there are not for nothing sayings like „When it rains, it pours“ or „A misfortune comes rarely alone“ and umpteen books on the subject of „law of attraction“. So you must not wish someone a big skin eczema. Not on the face and not even on covered areas. But clear skin, you can. Best to yourself.

If you want to know in detail, it is best to read the book (or another on this subject). If you want to start the New Year on a positive note, confident that it will be a great one, it’s best to start now.


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