From the scratch

The year is coming to an end, recaps everywhere, memories of the best moments, the most favorable pictures. But what if the greatest memories consist only of the negative experiences? What if these experiences were neither captured on picture nor even suitable for the public?

As difficult as it may be to imagine, they were all lessons. Hard, tearful lessons that no one asked for, that no one asked for. And yet: each one brings you further.

The death of a loved one? The reminder that life is very short. That you can’t plan for everything. And at the same time, it makes us aware of how precious the time with this person was. Who gave us so much, enriched our lives, loved and was loved. To be grateful for the people in his life, and to live as if it were the last day. Consciously, full of love.

The separation from the partner? A rude invitation to take more care of yourself. To put yourself first, to love yourself more. Only those who are good at being alone will also flourish in a (new) partnership. And no, the gap doesn’t have to be filled immediately with the next best thing. Taking time to grieve, to let go, to close the gap and to look ahead is part of this important ritual. Those who do not take this time will fall into the same trap again, only repeating the experiences without having learned from them. And in the next step: Forgive. And even forgive. Banish the abomination, the negative from one’s inner self. For himself. For the family. For the future.

An illness? Sometimes the unpleasant diagnosis is a wake-up call, the catalyst to a better life. Fortunately, most diseases can be treated well nowadays. But – and numerous cancer studies have already confirmed this – mental state and attitude are of enormous importance for recovery. Staying positive, as difficult as it may be in this situation, is the most important factor, along with medical therapy and environment, in getting well again.

The loss of the job? Maybe it’s the hint that you weren’t right there? That something else, something better is waiting for you. That your employer, job or work environment was not good for you. Maybe also the gentle nudge to think about what your calling is.

I am looking forward to the new year as never before. For the first time in full consciousness, in a positive attitude. So many wonderful things are waiting for me, so many fascinating people, encounters, ideas, experiences and adventures. And even if there are one or two people who wish me the opposite, who want to see me fail: It will be a good year. It will be my year. Anything else is karma.

Believe in it. Believe in it firmly, trust that it will be YOUR year. Face the year positively, whatever the last one was. Full of anticipation. Full of love.

Happy New Year!


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