If you knew that you had only one year to live: Would you continue to live your life the way you have?

✨ Would you still have the same job?
✨ The same hobbies?
✨ Would you surround yourself with the same people?
✨ Would you travel more?

Answering the question honestly requires some courage. After all, it means questioning the present. Admitting to yourself that there are things that make you unhappy.

These can be people who suck your energy. Who don’t love you. Who you don’t love enough. It can be the job that doesn’t fulfill you. Or is even draining. You constantly look at your watch in the hope that it will soon be over. But it can also be your attitude to live more in the past or in the future than in the here and now. Putting everything off until „someday.“ To appease that things will get better. When the kids are grown. Or the long-awaited wage raise comes. Or you retire. Or or…

You don’t have to change everything from one moment to the next. That’s not even possible. But little by little. Get rid of the unpleasant things. Live the life where you don’t have to be sorry for living it. In which you do not have the feeling of missing something. And from which you can leave satisfied. Certainly not in a year, but someday. Knowing that you don’t have to regret a single day of your life. That you have truly lived.

By the way, if I knew I only had one day left, here’s what I would do: I would gather my family and friends around me, order food from a starred restaurant, or preferably the chef to go with it, the best champagne and a DJ. I would love and celebrate my last day. And I would be loved and celebrated! But that wasn’t the question here…


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