Healthy Slimming – Part 1

Don’t think about the pink elephant!

So? How big is it? 😉

That’s exactly the problem with every diet without exception: Instead of approaching the matter in a relaxed manner, we are caught up with our thoughts. Everything revolves around food. The quantity. The nutrients. The times. The calories.

Now spring is here

, the layers of clothing are falling, and we’re already thinking about the coming summer. The one with the slimmer figure in last year’s bikini.

Losing weight without counting calories is possible. Developing a healthy relationship with food is possible. To renounce is possible. And now we come to the how

The 3 most important rules if you want to lose weight?
🌟 Balanced and sufficient (!) nutrition.
🌟 Exercise

Let’s start with one of my favorite things to do, sleep:

The less you sleep, the more time you have to eat. Sounds logical, right? There are a few more aspects to this: The less we sleep, the less energy we have available. Intuitively, we compensate for this lack of energy. And the easiest way to compensate is through food (especially sugar!).

In addition, our hormonal balance also suffers from the lack of sleep. The less sleep we get, the more cortisol (stress hormone) is released and the entire metabolism goes haywire. Instead of the muscles getting their energy from the blood sugar (glucose), it is, on the contrary, stored in the fat cells. And the muscle cells help themselves to proteins instead.

Numerous studies have investigated the consequences of sleep deprivation (e.g. during shift work) and have come to the conclusion that the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes increases sharply as a result.

Therefore: Make sure you get enough sleep every night. And no, you don’t have to watch another episode on Netflix. And read through the latest news. Work through the emails so there aren’t quite so many in the morning. Or checking in on social media to see how everyone else’s day went. Set a Night Mode on your devices to avoid blue lights. Use airplane mode. Ideally, at least an hour before bedtime.

If you have trouble falling asleep (which I am no stranger to either) I recommend reading, audio books, podcasts, relaxation music yoga and / or mediations (valerian & co. would be there too, m.n. they don’t work for everyone). Ensure a healthy sleeping climate (not too warm!), a cozy pillow (I love my silk pillowcase), darkness and plenty of rest.

Good night đŸ«¶đŸŒ


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