The Revenge Dress

The Crown, Season 5: Charles comes to Diana’s house uninvited after the divorce, and she says that if she had known he was coming over, she would have worn a revenge dress. His response, „Haven’t you worn one every day since we separated?“

There’s always a bit of arrogance involved when the man thinks his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or ex-mistress makes her choice of dress every morning just because of him. But also naivety on the part of the woman, she would not do it – and be it unconsciously – a bit also because of him.

The separation has not only bad sides. All of a sudden she starts doing sports again. She pays attention to her diet. Her hairstyle is new, she puts more effort into her make-up, her nails are now red and no longer colorless and inconspicuous. The motivation may be the wrong one at the beginning. It’s the result that counts in the end. It starts to be fun. It is the beginning of a new start.

It does not go unnoticed. Compliments follow. The self-confidence grows. She starts to deal with herself. Not only with appearances. Who am I? What do I want? Now that I am alone and can express my wishes freely. Where do I want to go? Now that I’m making my way with myself.

„And take this, haters!“ sings Kanye West in Stronger. Take this, ex. Live with the fact that she’s moving on and not looking back. That she’s wearing her revenge dress because she looks damn good in it. Not for you. For herself.


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